Victoria Rowcroft – Musical Director

Our Musical Director, Victoria Rowcroft is also Head of Academic Music at St Edmund’s School, and our Oyster Singers concerts often feature St Edmund’s pupils as guest solo artists. 

She holds a PhD in Italian Renaissance madrigals from the University of Southampton, where she gained a master’s degree with distinction and a first-class undergraduate degree. She conducts the Senior School Chamber Choir for all major school events and an annual Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral, she is also an experienced solo singer.

I was approached to take over the leadership of the choir at the end of 2012, a role that I took on in January 2013.  My aim when choosing repertoire is to find a mix of music that is accessible as well as challenging.  We sing music from a variety of styles, including rock and pop, folk, gospel and musical theatre (both traditional and contemporary) and while we do use printed music, it doesn’t matter if you are not confident at reading the dots: with some gentle encouragement, it always gets easier!  Having fun in a choir is massively important to me and I am lucky to be able to work with a great bunch of people, not least because of the amazing fundraising they do for local charities each year.

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